Hotel and lodges are yes houses for sleeping but due to the fact that most of Uganda tour hotels of them are mostly established near the game reserves gives the first accommodation priority to the tourist than the surrounding community .

The social importance of Uganda tour hotels

The use is skewed to the tourist only . As it’s obvious that even most of these tourist sites are located in remote places of most of the east African .

On the other hand however ,Many companies are opening day and night as travel agencies in east Africa.  For instance Uganda has over 200 tour and travel companies.

These travel companies are erupting like mushrooms in a fertile condition with over 400 . Now these agencies are accompanied with increase in the number of hotels. For instance not far from here, Uganda now seen the light from tourists coming for the travels and hire accommodations service’s from the neighboring countries.

Hotels such as hippo safaris lodge, safaris hotel, kibaale safaris lodge, lake kitandara, bwindi camp hotel and Lake Victoria view lodge.

The Economical importance.

Seeming not all enough, the establishment of these lodges at the pearl of Africa ”Uganda” has for no reason to escape the taxes.

These lodges and hotels therefore contribute over 10% of the revenue collections. This for no reason has not to raise any more questions on to how the government has to raise the revenue . It rather try to get the self-initiative contribute for the development of the tourist sector .

This may not be a direct role to play say getting a job with the biggest Uganda’s tourist attractions.  Rather contributing to the activities that may enhance or trigger the livelihood and improve on the environments that may favor the tourists to like the whole travel.

For instance, tourists come to see the world creatures in Uganda but they do not carry their nice confortable housing facilities from their places of residence. It therefore gets to the concern of the citizens to provide that favorable environment for the tourist to be attracted.

Build good hotels even better than theirs and you see the attraction forces to your premises. Surely speaking ,tourists could never fail to

Hippo hill safari lodge Uganda is among the few identical located in Queen Elizabeth national park. The lodge offer lodging facilities, airport and tour car hire services, and safari tents with tight security. The lodge also offers a spacious dinning with a well-stocked bar hence all your welfare needs are catered for at friendly prices.

You don’t need to carry brief case with the usable facilities. Hippo hill safari caters for that all . The facility provides worm and cold water as a lodging package. With hippo hill safaris lodge, your hygiene is guaranteed with individual private toilets, clean towels, slippers for a bath, and many more luxurious services.

The lodge welcomes you with a breath taking scenery of the park and a romantic cool luxury lodges breeze.

People`s thoughts about a lodge

Many people always related lodges to be sexual areas and I think most of the worlds relate it to such.

When one gets to know that you slept in a lodge, the most obvious thought is directed to have gone to cheat on your partner.

I think a lot about the services provided at hippo hill safari lodge Uganda that are not sexually affiliated perhaps though may be part. For instance the onsite restaurant, tour and travel desk, onsite bar, library reading, Gift shop, onsite wild viewing mention it .

No wonder how these services defer from the real perception of it all. Analyzing the quality of these services to is such an important point to note. Therefore look research about the services provided by the lodge before making any conclusions about it.

If you ever booked a lodge with such porn motives especially, please hippo’s hills safari lodge has no act of such a kind.

Hippo hill safari lodge Uganda is serving for the reality to transform such  practices .We serve for satisfaction .

This will leave a difference in your life and every night mare or dream will be yarning to prepare another wedding party that’s if you have hope to weed.


“Oh Uganda, land of beauty” as extracted from the National anthem, with dazzling adventure leaves  no doubt that indeed it’s a pearl of Africa. Uganda is an east African land locked country possessing a diverse landscape that covers the famously known snow capped Rwenzori mountain. Adventure Uganda and meet wildlife with a distinctive gorilla/chimpanzee trekking and many others.

 Why Adventure Uganda the pearl of Africa?

In the 1908 book, “My African journey” by Winston Churchill, he considered Uganda for its magnificence in its variety of form and colour. Despite being a land locked nation with a major portion of the largest lake on the African continent, Uganda holds unique features with abundant wildlife creatures.  Uganda adventure safari will expose you to the magnificent look of the Pearl of Africa

Uganda is sunny most of the year with temperatures rarely rising above 29 degrees(84 degrees Fahrenheit). The average annual temperature is about 26 degrees Celsius(78 degrees Fahrenheit). Rainy season is from March till May and October till November. The country experiences mild rainfalls in November and December.

Savannah vegetation covers the largest part of the country. this includes bushes, shrubs and woodland. while in sunny seasons, the bushes shed off leaves and in rainy seasons, they grow tall and thick.

Wetlands and heavy rain-forests have played a great deal in supporting a wide range of vegetation.

  Adventure Uganda

Uganda has mountains, wide spread Savannah which enables a great deal of wildlife, national parks, primate nature sanctuaries. If you’re interested in adventure Uganda, you will sea many attractions that evolve day by day  and among them include;

  • Game parks

There are a number of parks in different parts of the country. they are located in the most varied tracts of tropical forests with an widespread admirable flora and fauna. Some of the national parks include;

  1. Bwindi impenetrable national park(kabale): this is widely known for its close encounters with the mountain gorillas. when at the park, it’s evident of its typical rain forests, thick and green vegetation all throughout.
  2. Murchison falls national park(Masindi): Also called kabarega falls is on the course of great Nile. come and experience waters of the Nile as they force their way through a small slit within rocks with 43 metres below and 7metres wide.
  3. Queen Elizabeth national park(Kasese): recognized to be a home for over 612 species of birds and about 95 mammal species like the Uganda kob, cape buffalo and many others.
  4. Kibale national park(kasese): despite of its diverse collection with rain forests, kibale encompasses of both lowland and hilly forests. well known for its chimpanzee trekking and other primates.
  5. Mgahinga gorilla national park(kisoro): Being one of the smallest national parks in Uganda, its one of the two parks that posses the endangered mountain gorillas.
  6. Rwenzori mountains national park: located in south-western Uganda on the east side of the African rift valley. It offers glaciers, snowfields, waterfalls making it one of the most beautiful mountain areas in Africa. It’s also remarkable for its  mountains higher than the alps that are ice capped having the third highest peaks in Africa (mount Stanley).
  7. Kidepo valley national park(Karamoja):found in the north-eastern region of Uganda. its characterised with two major valleys that is to say, kidepo and Narus rivers. it comprises of the red acacias, drum stick areas, buffalo thorn trees.
  8. Mount Elgon national park (Bungoma-kenya): its shared between Uganda and Kenya dominating a wide area with a variety of bird species, invertebrates, beautiful flora and fauna.
  9. Semiliki national park: In love with an unforgettable adventure of your life, then visit the hot springs of semiliki. the waters in the spring boil at 100 degrees Celsius. also Elephants, pygmy antelopes, chimpanzee and red tailed monkey are a must to see.Adventure
  10. Lake Mburo national park(Isingiro): habitat for a variety of animals such as, leopards, zebras, hyenas with perfect scenery for photographers. Fulfil your geologist tour with over 500 million years old Precambrian metamorphic rocksAdventure

    Safari Tours

Safari  tours gets on   with an impeccable journey of the endangered gorilla trekking in the thick forests of Bwindi impenetrable forest. The adventure Uganda safari will enable you embark on this great expedition that won’t leave your adventure life the same. Some of the attractions include the following;

  • Sights and Land marks

Uganda has stunning and very important historical events, landscapes and discoveries. All these events can be seen when you adventure Uganda

It has many heritage sites for example the kasubi tombs where four of Buganda kings were buried. hundreds of people also flock in to significant worshiping areas like the Baha’i temple and Uganda Martyrs shrine Namugongo.

Uganda equator is also another well known landmark in the country. Come and observe the intersection of the earth’s surface with the plane perpendicular to the earth’s axis of rotation during your Uganda adventure safari

  • Boat tours and water spots

Adventure Uganda safari also introduces you to experience the dazzling leisure cruises on lake Victoria such as the afternoon and late boat cruise. float towards the equator line, spot the sun over the horizon on the nearby islands. Enjoy snacks and drinks provided on board.

  • Museums

the Uganda museum located in Kampala exhibits ethnological, natural historic and traditional life collections of Uganda’s cultural heritage. However, there are other existing museums and exhibitions like Batwa cultural heritage, Entebbe crafts village, Rwenzori art centre(kasese). All the above will be at your display when you adventure Uganda.

  • Concerts and shows: There are live shows within Kampala playing soothing music with all the modern music instruments. The Ndere troupe is ready to take you through the traditional dancing and expressing the cultures of Uganda through dance and drama.
  • Wildlife 

Most of the people who Adventure Uganda are interested in experiencing Wildlife. Activities such as Gorilla tracking, Bird watching, Mountain climbing, and Chimpanzee tracking are the top most.

When dreaming of extra ordinary adventures of your life, then Uganda is the country to be. Kitandara Safari Holidays will help you with your next adventure Uganda at affordable rates.

With a spell of good weather, mild and calm with a patch of blue sky lies the luxury safaris. The hearing of the birds sing and the water tides surrounded with a conducive environment and soothing music only makes you believe that indeed Uganda is a pearl of Africa.

Spending holidays amidst town may sometimes be disturbing as you have to think of the  urban congestion, heavy traffic but hey? you are answered

A few miles out of the city suburbs lies the safaris set with  panoramic views, beautiful sceneries, well established cottages all intended to give you a great ideal of the place.

Indeed basing on the Danish famous author Karen Blixen, “If there were one more thing i could do, it would be to go on safari once again.”

What happens at the safari sites

You will be received upon arrival and taken care of by a dedicated, reliable, adaptive working team ready to serve you with variety of services including indoor services. This comprises of steaming(sauna), body scrub, massage therapy and facials which restores and relieves your mind. As all this goes on, professional chefs prepare continental and tropical dishes to feast on.

After enjoying a variety of indoor services, setting off to the wild now comes in. Pull out the jungle shoes, camera and board a vehicle of no more than six individuals together with a tour guide. while on the expedition of various man eaters, you get to see the giraffe safaris, zebra safaris, rhinoceros and leopards hence a close up on nature, a wider and clear view is mostly attained in the car than on foot. However, this seems to be less enjoyable I mean spotting the impalas, and all wildlife in a vehicle but according to the guides, the animals also avoid getting close to the road for some various reasons like the predator may turn out to be prey.

As the day goes by, setting up fire camps is permitted as this provides  warmth and security since many wild animals are unfriendly with fire. wild life stories are told by the tour guides and many facts about the wild.

As earlier noted, before you say that you have moved to various astonishing places in Uganda or Africa at large but you haven’t set a foot to the luxury safaris then you should think twice.

“You can’t hate the roots of a tree and not hate the tree. You can’t hate Africa and not hate yourself” Malcolm X ( American Muslim minister and human rights activists).

samburu2Kenya is one of Africa’s most distinct and stunning locations, and your travels with AfricanMecca Safaris takes you to the country’s finest destinations. Sustainable tourism and a globally-recognized model of wildlife management means that you see pristine wilderness and internationally-significant habitats where wildlife roam freely, including rare and endangered species and the Big Five. Visit magical Kenya, and experience all that Africa offers. The intrigue and adventure of Kenya reaches back into the birth of mankind, stretches along miles of white sand beaches and journeys into dense forests and divergent deserts. Iconic landmarks such as Mount Kenya stand above the savannah plains and tropical woodlands while its intricate waterfalls lie nestled within the montane foothills. Cool breezes drift across the Indian Ocean to refresh your soul in the country’s many coastal towns and islands. From her highest peaks to her deepest ocean depths, Kenya gives you an African dream trip of a lifetime!

Uganda has the highest density of primate species, (gorillas, chimpanzees, olive baboons, to mention but a few) compared to any other country on earth. Kibale Forest National Park and Bwindi have 16% of the polypore fungi recorded from North America and Europe.

Uganda is home to half of the World’s population of Mountain gorillas housed in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and the remaining half is shared between Uganda (Mgahinga National park); Rwanda and DRC.

Uganda is home to three of the UNESCO protected sites at Bwindi impenetrable forest, Rwenzori Mountains National Park and Kasubi tombs.

Uganda is one of the top ten sport fishing destinations in the world and world championships are held in Uganda at MFNP.

Other attractions include a large portion of Lake Victoria, mountains, diversity of culture, good weather and the Nile which provides some of the best rafting opportunities in the world.

Uganda has a huge cultural diversity due to the variety of tribes that harmoniously live in this country.Uganda is the most hospitable nation in the East African region, the people of Uganda are known for being welcoming to foreigners.
map-ugandaUganda has over 1200 recorded bird species in an area the same size as the United Kingdom.
Uganda is crossed by the equator and sits at a high altitude of 5,109metres above sea level, world over, there are only two countries with this exact climatic conditions Uganda in East Africa and Equador in South America this means that Uganda has all year round summer like conditions conducive for all year round tourism to Uganda.
Uganda is one of the Albertine Rift Countries and due to this fact, Uganda holds over 355 of the worlds biodiversity

The World Travel and Tourism Council has again put Uganda in the top 10 global tourist growth destinations,

Uganda has become the number one Adventure destination for birding with tiniest sunbirds, iridescent in the morning light, the massive lumbering yet silent elephant, disappearing like a vapor behind the trees, the chimpanzees crashing about the forest canopy, the lugubrious gorilla, chewing thoughtfully in the bamboo thicket. There’s the Nile, twisting its way north like a shimmering ribbon, through arid semi-desert scattered about with rocky kopjes. The Rwenzori mountains with Snow capped peaks, tropical, sandy, freshwater beaches, and smiling faces everywhere. It’s all here, “That is Uganda and the real Adventure”

Historically Rwanda has been most famous for its natural attractions, namely its three National Parks;

  • Volcanoes National Park on the slopes of the Virunga mountain range, famous for the country’s biggest attraction, the mountain gorillas.
  • Akagera National Park, defined by its “archetypal African savannah landscape”
  • Nyungwe forest National Park, the largest single tract of montane forest in East and Central Africa with incredibly a rich biodiversity – A hub for scientists, researchers and eco-travelers