Gorilla Experience Uganda

Gorilla Tracking Uganda

Gorilla tracking UgandaWe are proud to be among the top three Gorilla trekking safaris in the region. This close to 8-hour trek will take you in search for the rare endangered Mountain Gorillas, tracking them from the point where they spent the previous night. Gorilla tracking Uganda will be the most wonderful experience of your life as you will see gorillas forage, play, tumble around, eat, etc.

What you need to know about gorilla tracking

At kitandara safari holidays, we embark on the epic journey of gorilla tracking.  However, to get on with this breathtaking expedition one has a lot to know before setting off.

Gorillas in Uganda are at danger of extinction though a number of measures have been put to emphasize their recovery. They are about 900 left in the wild hence putting them on the extinction list.
It’s always very crucial to know what you are going to engage in before participating. Gorilla tracking requires some reasonable bit of fitness because to get your way to their habitats, it needs  to move a short distance slashing your way into the wild. We advise clients to move with refreshments. This is because of the hotness within the tress and the long distances moved into the wild.

Tourists are briefed by our trekking guides on a number of issues; we advise one’s with flu to be restricted  and avoid eating or drinking when near them to avoid the risk of human-borne diseases.

We also advise our trekkers to be aware of flash photographs and keeping their voices low at all times to reduce the chances of scaring away the gorillas from their territories.

As we look forward to serve our esteemed clients, we offer free information and share opinions regarding gorilla trekking in order to meet your expectations and have a wonderful expedition of your life.

What is the difference between gorilla tracking and trekking?

When it comes to gorilla tours either in Uganda or Rwanda, their are 2  major terms often used. these terms are gorilla tracking Uganda for the case of Uganda or gorilla tracking Rwanda for Rwanda’s case. Similarly, the activities can be refered to as gorilla trekking Uganda or Gorilla trekking Rwanda respectively.

So is there a difference between gorilla trekking and tracking?

When you meet either of these words used within the tour and travel industry, they actually mean the same thing;-following the mountain gorillas  in the jungle by the tourists  so as to access a certain gorilla group.

However, the 2 terms in strict sense differ to some extent. The difference is not only grammatical but also within the tourism industry. For the purpose of this article, I am going to look at the difference in respect to the tourism industry.

Let us see how they differ

Gorilla tracking means the act of tracing a given habituated mountain gorilla family.  Gorilla tracking either in Uganda or Rwanda is done by the gorilla trackers often known as game rangers. They use natural methods other than GPS/ Binoculars to search for the mountain gorillas. Gorilla tracking Uganda starts as early as 6am  and can take a reasonable time before the gorillas are tracked.

Gorilla trekking on the other hand is done by the tourist. The tourist after being briefed about gorilla trekking by a professional game ranger, embark on hiking / trekking some distance to go and spend some time with the gorillas. This is normally done with the presence of a tour guide.

Gorilla trekking is therefore done after gorilla tracking has been completed by the rangers.

Where can I go for Gorilla trekking?

Gorilla trekking in Africa can be done  in Uganda or Rwanda. Both of this countries present amazing species of birds and animal  families. Whether it is gorilla tracking Uganda or Rwanda, you will need to contact a tour agency which will range for your gorilla permit, and or accommodation.

Gorilla Tracking UgandaUganda currently considers two places safe to trek mountain gorillas..  These include Bwindi national park and Mgahinga national park. Both provide a  tremendous  but way different experiences.

Kitandara Safari Holidays offers both Gorilla tracking Uganda permits as well as Gorilla tracking Rwanda permits. In addition, we book for you a accommodation depending on you specific needs and budget. Gorilla tracking Uganda or Rwanda  is done in groups, however,  we are able to offer personalized tickets for individuals.

For gorilla tracking Uganda tickets, contact us today for a free quote.  We also offer Chimpanzee trekking services