Importance of Uganda tourist hotels.
Uganda tour hotels

Hotel and lodges are yes houses for sleeping but due to the fact that most of Uganda tour hotels of them are mostly established near the game reserves gives the first accommodation priority to the tourist than the surrounding community .

The social importance of Uganda tour hotels

The use is skewed to the tourist only . As it’s obvious that even most of these tourist sites are located in remote places of most of the east African .

On the other hand however ,Many companies are opening day and night as travel agencies in east Africa.  For instance Uganda has over 200 tour and travel companies.

These travel companies are erupting like mushrooms in a fertile condition with over 400 . Now these agencies are accompanied with increase in the number of hotels. For instance not far from here, Uganda now seen the light from tourists coming for the travels and hire accommodations service’s from the neighboring countries.

Hotels such as hippo safaris lodge, safaris hotel, kibaale safaris lodge, lake kitandara, bwindi camp hotel and Lake Victoria view lodge.

The Economical importance.

Seeming not all enough, the establishment of these lodges at the pearl of Africa ”Uganda” has for no reason to escape the taxes.

These lodges and hotels therefore contribute over 10% of the revenue collections. This for no reason has not to raise any more questions on to how the government has to raise the revenue . It rather try to get the self-initiative contribute for the development of the tourist sector .

This may not be a direct role to play say getting a job with the biggest Uganda’s tourist attractions.  Rather contributing to the activities that may enhance or trigger the livelihood and improve on the environments that may favor the tourists to like the whole travel.

For instance, tourists come to see the world creatures in Uganda but they do not carry their nice confortable housing facilities from their places of residence. It therefore gets to the concern of the citizens to provide that favorable environment for the tourist to be attracted.

Build good hotels even better than theirs and you see the attraction forces to your premises. Surely speaking ,tourists could never fail to

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